Performance Textiles

Performance Textiles
Secant Group's Technical Materials Division focuses on innovation and invention to develop high-value custom material and textile offerings to solve the most challenging applications. Whether helping astronauts endure the extreme environments of space or developing innovative products for mission-critical applications, we provide solutions that improve reliability and performance.

With unmatched expertise in aerospace antenna mesh technology, Secant Group is equipped to develop high-value custom material and textile offerings to help you fulfill your vision.

Gold Molybdenum Antenna Mesh

As a next-generation high-performance material, gold molybdenum antenna mesh enables the future expansion capabilities for both large and small satellite deployment. Secant Group is uniquely qualified to engineer and knit this lightweight, compact, and highly configurable antenna mesh to operate in challenging space environments over a wide range of frequencies between S-band and Ka-band. (View our information sheet.)

  • Custom configuration for a broad range of frequencies
  • Openings per inch (OPI) ranging from 10 to 40
  • Available width of up to 130 in.
  • Continuous length of up to 2000 in.
  • Wire sizes ranging from 0.8 mil to 1.2 mil

Carbon Nanotube Structures  

Secant Group manufactures several fabric structures utilizing carbon nanotube (CNT) fiber. Boasting unique, highly desirable properties, these structures are a significant technological breakthrough and allow for a new class of stronger, lighter, and electrically conductive textiles.

High-performance Fabrics

Whether your technical applications must withstand the harsh environments of space or the depths of the world’s oceans, Secant Group's next generation of high-performance woven, knitted, or braided fabrics, designed in our state-of-the-art materials science lab, are designed to help you solve your most demanding challenges.

  • Yarns: Nylon, PBI, PEEK, PET, UHMWPE, Kevlar®, Nomex®, Vectran™
  • Metals: Copper, gold, molybdenum, platinum, silver, titanium, tungsten, Haynes 230®, Inconel®
  • Woven fabrics up to 68 inches wide
  • Knitted fabrics up to 184 inches wide
  • Braided fabrics up to 6 inches in diameter