Bioresorbable Resin

Regenerez® is a unique technology platform for medical devices with multiple non-pharmacological modulating properties that may show benefits in some patients.
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Nonimmunogenic The implantation of a medical device will cause the body to initiate a defensive response to the implant. Mechanisms for healing are activated and the extent of the pathophysiologic response ultimately determines the biocompatibility and success or failure of the device. Outcomes can be improved by using materials that promote healing without chronic inflammation.

Regenerez has demonstrated a minimal inflammatory response similar to other bioresorbable polymers.
Antimicrobial The rise in antibiotic-resistant bacteria is contributing to a growth in surgical site infections (SSI).

A decline in the pipeline for new antibiotics is further contributing to the prevalence of SSIs.

The use of novel antimicrobial materials without the incorporation of antibiotics would benefit infection control, particularly in medical devices.

Regenerez has shown antimicrobial properties against both gram (-) and gram (+) bacteria that may reduce the incidence of local infection when used as a polymer coating or implant in medical device applications.

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Controlled Degradation Kinetics Implantable devices for sustained drug release are showing advantages in patient compliance because the treatment regimen can be less taxing than pills or injections. Devices made with biodegradable materials offer additional benefits in that they do not need to be removed and may be less toxic due to smaller amounts of drug used.

Regenerez exhibits a surface erosion degradation mechanism that makes it a favorable candidate for controlled release applications. Furthermore, the degradation rate can be tailored by tuning the physical and chemical characteristics of the polymer.

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Controlled Degradation Kinetics
Elastomeric Properties Mechanical and elastomeric properties are important criteria for materials used in implantable devices, particularly for vascular and other soft tissue applications. One of the major failure modes of implants and grafts used for soft tissue applications is the mismatch between the physical properties of the device and the tissue.

The physical properties of Regenerez can be easily modulated to readily match those of the target application such as cardiovascular, nerve, and bone tissue.

By changing the initial reaction stoichiometry of Regenerez, different polymer morphologies can be obtained.

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Elastomeric Properties