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Helping our customers channel ideas into breakthrough innovations is the core of what we do. Secant Group custom manufactures structures from an array of traditional and nontraditional materials to create textiles that exhibit specific functional behaviors and performance characteristics. 

Our specialized technology includes advanced biomaterials and textile-forming processes to engineer biomedical textile components that assist in internal repair and recovery of the human body. By working to match specific medical device applications with the appropriate biomaterials, we produce biomedical textiles that exhibit superior physical and mechanical properties.

Biomedical textile structures are engineered with weaving, knitting and braiding technologies, and can be shaped into unique planar, tubular or complex geometries with specific functional behaviors and performance characteristics. They mimic the body’s native structures and can be engineered to accommodate rapid integration within the body, shape memory, high-burst strength, porosity, resorbability, elasticity, compaction or low-profile properties.

Our technology also enables a wide range of industrial applications such as high-performance mesh materials for both large and small satellite deployment. We have also successfully manufactured structures using carbon nanotube technology, leading to the development of a new class of electrically conductive material and specialty textiles and fabrics for military personnel and first responders. Other areas of technology development include biodegradable materials for environmental applications and consumer products.