Secant Group creates advanced performance textiles as defined by your needs with our world-renowned custom capabilities. With our hands-on approach to design and development, combined with our transparent and flexible processes, you can rely on us to support your needs from the R&D stages of your project all the way through launch, whether you’re in the aerospace, energy, or filtration markets, or other non-medical markets.

Take advantage of customization that exceeds the basics.

When you partner with Secant Group during the R&D phase of your project, you get the care and attention to detail that your innovations deserve. Our team of engineers, scientists, and quality assurance specialists work with you to conduct process validation and risk analysis so you can confidently scale up for commercialization.

The fibers and yarns produced with our robust fiber extrusion capabilities meet or exceed the evolving demands of the performance materials industry while also helping you keep costs down. Unlike other textile manufacturers, Secant Group is uniquely equipped to knit molybdenum wire into satellite antenna mesh and mesh for next-generation carbon nanotube fabrics.

Some of the textiles and materials that we produce alongside our leading products include:
  • High-strength tethers for securing components or providing structural support on satellites
  • Space suit fabrics that protect astronauts in the extreme conditions of space
  • Fabrics for space habitats (e.g., missions to the moon, other planets, or asteroids)
  • E-textiles embedded with sensors worn by defense personnel
  • Woven dissolvable materials for hydraulic fracturing
  • Woven and knitted filtration fabrics for a variety of applications

All our products are manufactured in our ITAR-compliant facility and can be cut and packaged to your specifications.