Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon Nanotubes

Secant Group's Technical Materials Division produces custom-made carbon nanotube textiles that represent the next generation of conductive textiles for a variety of aerospace applications.

Lightweight yet durable, our fabrics exhibit high tensile strength, resist stretching, and excel at operating in the extreme environments of space. Our carbon nanotubes provide high levels of reflectivity, which can be tuned to meet your specific needs, making them suitable as antenna reflectors for strengthening radio signals. With a “carbon black” appearance, they're ideal for absorbing light and reducing reflections that can cause interference. (View our information sheet.)


Taken together, these versatile properties and characteristics make our carbon nanotubes the optimal choice for several applications, including:

  • Antennas for satellite missions that demand high-frequency communication
  • Satellites for ground communication and in low-earth orbit (LEO), mid-earth orbit (MEO), geosynchronous orbit (GEO), or lunar orbit (LO)
  • EMI shielding for reducing electromagnetic fields
  • Thermal shielding for preventing objects from overheating

Customization options include:
  • Openings per inch (OPI) ranging from 10 to 40
  • Flat width of up to 84 in.
  • Continuous length of up to 40 yd.
  • Tunable reflectivity

All our products are manufactured in our ITAR-compliant facility and can be cut and packaged to your specifications.

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