Performance Textiles

Performance Textiles
Secant Group's Technical Materials Division provides custom-engineered materials and textile solutions for the space, energy, filtration markets, as well as other non-medical markets. Our high-performance textiles and materials are designed and manufactured to improve the reliability and performance of our industry-leading customers’ applications.

Satellite Antenna Mesh

As a next-generation high-performance material, gold molybdenum antenna mesh enables the expansion capabilities for large and small satellite deployment. Secant Group is uniquely qualified to engineer and knit this lightweight, compact, and highly configurable antenna mesh to operate in challenging space environments over a wide range of frequencies between S-band and Ka-band.

Carbon Nanotubes

Secant Group's carbon nanotube textiles represent the next generation of conductive textiles for a variety of aerospace applications. Lightweight yet durable, our fabrics exhibit high tensile strength, resist stretching, and provide high levels of reflectivity for strengthening radio signals or absorbing light and reducing reflections that can cause interference.

Coalescer Fabrics

Our coalescer fabrics help facilitate the removal of liquid and solid waste from electrostatic and mechanical coalescers to help you improve plant productivity and product purity and comply with environmental regulations for your purification, storage, or commercialization needs.

Additional Performance Textiles from Secant Group

Some of the textiles and materials that we produce alongside our leading products include:
  • High-strength tethers for securing components or providing structural support on satellites
  • Space suit fabrics that protect astronauts in the extreme conditions of space
  • Fabrics for space habitats (e.g., missions to the moon, other planets, or asteroids)
  • E-textiles embedded with sensors worn by defense personnel
  • Woven dissolvable materials for hydraulic fracturing
  • Woven and knitted filtration fabrics for a variety of applications

Our controlled raw materials come from approved suppliers and we give you flexibility to work with third-party suppliers. All our products are manufactured in our ITAR-compliant facility and can be cut and packaged to your specifications.