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Advancing Pharma and Medical Device Development with Novel Biomaterials

Stephanie Reed, PhD, Director of Translational Product Development, spoke to Pharma's Almanac Secant Group's expansion into pharma and future applications of Hydralese™, a novel polymer platform derived from the advanced biomaterial poly(glycerol sebacate) (PGS) for controlled release.
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How a Novel Polymer Can Bring Long-Acting Therapeutics to Patients

Director of Translational Product Development Stephanie Reed, PhD, discusses Secant Group's novel polymer platform for controlled release with Parternship Opportunities in Drug Delivery (PODD). Secant's platform offers a new way to improve patient adherence to medication, enhance global wellness, and reduce costs.
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Effects of Braiding Parameters on Tissue-engineered Vascular Graft Development

In an article co-authored by Secant Group for Advanced Healthcare Materials, researchers demonstrated that that Secant's textile braiding and poly(glycerol sebacate) (PGS) coating technology support regeneration of native vascular tissue.
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Next-Generation Long-Acting Implantables Using Surface-Eroding Elastomers

A data-driven exploration of Secant Group’s Hydralese™ (PGSU), an alternative for controlled active release, Secant Group's article in Drug Development and Delivery describes how Secant's soft polymer platform offers many advantages over other polymers for long-acting implantables, particularly for high-loading, long-duration implants.
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Redesigning the Development Process

Secant Group discusses the demands for quick iterations on new design concepts, the influence of automation, and the need for performance data in the orthopedic industry with Orthopedic Design & Technology. 
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Biodegradable Urethane’s Potential for Drug-Delivery Implants

A wide-ranging Q&A article in MD+DI details Secant Group's Hydralese™ (PGSU) bioresorbable polymers for controlled active delivery that offer many advantages over current polymers on the market for long-acting implantables.
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Bioresorbable Patch Offers New Alternative for Arterial Healing

In an article for Medical Design Briefs, Secant Group discusses a study that shows how its bioresorbable patch supports endogenous regeneration of the carotid artery despite the absence of any biologics. 
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Treating Vascular Disease with Rapidly Degrading Textile Grafts

Secant Group reveals promising new findings in an article coauthored for the official journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society, Inc. 
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It’s Time for New Medtech Materials—Could Academia Help?

Secant Group discusses how to drive development of new implantable materials in MD+DI.
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Commercial Challenges in Developing Biomaterials for Medical Device Development

Secant Group researchers published an article in International Polymer magazine discussing the challenges of conceptualization through market adoption of a new biomaterial. 
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A Regenerative Vascular Graft: Innovations in Textile Engineering and Advanced Biomaterials

Secant Group is featured in Medical Design Briefs in an article that discusses the use of textile design engineering and biomaterials to improve regenerative medical implants. 
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