Secant Group Sets New Standard for Medical Device and Component Manufacturing

Dec 14, 2016

It all started out with one idea in mind- How do we better serve our customers?  We asked ourselves that question all through the design phase.  We challenged the architects and engineers to come up with a creative design that is flexible enough to meet our current customer demands plus the future innovations yet to be explored.  The result was a design that helps isolate different production areas from one another while efficiently leveraging common spaces and utilities.  The final product affords adaptability to a wide variety of customer needs and regulatory compliance.  Many of our production spaces are isolated from one another via architectural/mechanical separations and airlocks.  By separating the air supplies from production spaces, we provide customers assurance their product integrity is maintained throughout the production process.  

Another major design element considered was how to best maintain our new facilities once they were constructed.  We answered that question by using architectural features and construction methods that have streamline transitions across finished surfaces.  We paid attention to the small details so our customers can be assured of clean facilities that reduce microbial growth potential and minimize airborne particles.  Some of these features include full seamless floor systems that smoothly transition to the wall surface, low profile window trims and glazing, triple filtered HEPA HVAC systems, 40+ air exchange rates and cascading air flows that each contribute to the clean environment for our customers.

Building Automation Technology

New Buildings…..New Technology.  At Secant, we operate under strict controls to ensure our environmental conditions meet our customer and/or regulatory requirements.  To that end, our buildings are now controlled by a state of the art Building Automation System (BAS).  The BAS controls or monitors over 1500 items within our buildings 24/7.  From the temperature in the room to the pressure within an airlock, we keep a watchful eye on all aspects of our facilities.  The BAS also creates alerts when something is trending out of control before it becomes an undesired event.  The system sends out alerts to a variety of communication devices prior to interior conditions fluctuating out of specification.  This sophisticated network affords fast responses from our trained facilities technicians.  Our BAS is fully validated so our customers know their products are produced under appropriate regulations.


An example of the BAS graphics showing the floorplan and the chiller are all operating as expected.

Going Green
At Secant, we pride ourselves in being environmentally responsible and already had many Green Building practices in place. We know many of our customers have green initiatives and we wanted to continue that responsibility with our renovations. 

12-14-16-blog-img2.pngWe either improved or designed in many new green features in our new buildings.  For example, in our offices, we’ve chosen to use daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors to help reduce our use of electricity.  The picture below shows how light from the exterior façade cascades into the office space.

Light switches are so passé, we use occupancy sensors to turn on and off LED lights that use a fraction of energy compared to conventional lighting.  LED lights also provide more consistent lighting conditions in the cleanrooms.  LED bulbs additionally last much longer than fluorescent bulbs thereby requiring fewer maintenance outages for bulb replacement.  That is important to our customers who may need 24 hour production to meet their market demands.

We utilize our Building Automation System to control how our HVAC units turn themselves on.  We analyze the start sequence to avoid large electric demand peaks.  We also set occupancy schedules so unoccupied rooms go into a sleep mode.  Additionally, exhaust air is used to pre-condition in-coming fresh air via a set of energy reclaim coils.  The exhaust air sweeps over the coils with a liquid circulating within them.  The liquid is then pumped over the intake air side of the coil which tempers the fresh air.  This provides a large amount of “free energy”.

We like metrics and so we measure ourselves using our energy management reports generated from the BAS.  The report self-adjusts for “degree days” and helps normalize the data so we are comparing apples to apples, or in this case kilowatts to kilowatts.

At Secant group, new ideas are constantly being developed and our new facilities strengthen our position as an innovative solution provider.  From the smallest development suites to large scale expansive production rooms, Secant Group facilities deliver great capabilities for innovation, manufacturing and compliance.   Come to our new facilities and see what Secant can offer.