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Resorbable Biomaterial Platform for Regenerative Medicine

Regenerez®, a research-grade bioresorbable elastomer made from poly(glycerol sebacate), is now available from Secant Medical. Comprised of naturally occurring metabolites (glycerol and sebacic acid), its flexibility and inherent elastomeric properties offer limitless possibilities for tissue engineering in a variety of in vivo applications for cardiovascular, neurovascular, orthopedics and general surgery.

Features & Benefits

  • Bioresorbable
  • Closely simulates modulus of human tissue
  • Tunable mechanical properties
  • Enables healing without harmful immune response
  • Versatile platform for further modification
  • Surface eroding 

Download our sales sheet to learn more about the properties and characteristics of Regenerez. For additional information, please contact Dan Treusch, Director, Business Development at 267-227-8107.