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Market Applications

Market Applications

Secant Group's Technical Materials division provides custom engineered materials and textile solutions for the space, energy, filtration, and other non-medical markets. Our high-performance textiles and materials are developed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of our industry-leading customers.

Our value proposition includes the ability to create unique functional feed stocks for fiber technologies, leading to specialized technical textiles. Simply put, we create—from start to finish—the basic building blocks and advanced engineered textile functionality as defined by our customers' needs.


  • Innovative mesh materials for antenna reflectors used in satellite applications
  • Highly functional materials for thermal and radiation shielding
  • Spacesuit fabrics
  • Fabric for space habitat
  • Core sheathing


  • Woven dissolvable materials for hydraulic fracturing
  • Conductive textiles
  • Fuel cell membranes


  • Woven and knitted filtration fabrics
  • Ion exchange membrane scaffolds