Research and Development

Research and Development
Secant Group's R&D team focuses on invention and innovation, whether it’s creating new textile geometries that challenge current manufacturing technologies or developing an advanced biomaterial platform on the cutting edge of regenerative medicine.

As we bridge the gap between product development and scientific research, our R&D efforts center on four key areas:
  • Biomedical textile technology development
  • Polymer processing
  • Implantable polymer research
  • Academic collaboration

Materials Science Laboratory
The Materials Science Lab at Secant Group is equipped with state-of-the-art polymer analytical technologies that give our product development team the ability to physically and chemically identify and characterize materials. Staffed with cross-functional expertise in microbiology, chemistry, and biomedical engineering, Secant Group's lab provides a variety of in-house capabilities, including scanning electronic microscopy, infrared spectroscopy, and polymer analysis.
Emerging Technology
The research team at Secant Group is dedicated to the future development of biomaterials and is exploring the potential of emerging technologies in the area of biopolymers and advanced extrusion and coating techniques.

We are committed to strengthening our R&D work through strategic partnerships with industry and leading academic institutions around the world.