Advanced Biomanufacturing Technologies

Advanced Biomanufacturing Technologies

Innovations in biomanufacturing technologies are key to unlocking the potential of cell-derived and gene-based therapies. From nucleic acid delivery to advanced biomaterials for single-use applications, Secant Group is leveraging its expertise in materials science to engineer next-generation cell processing technologies.

Cell and Gene Therapy
Single-use Solutions
Tissue Engineering

A Novel Biomaterial Platform

Secant Group’s poly(glycerol sebacate) (PGS) affords a highly tunable, biocompatible biomaterial platform that can be engineered into a variety of forms and chemistries to improve material-cell interactions.

PGS brings key benefits to biomanufacturing processes, including:

  • Biocompatibility: The non-immunogenic, biodegradable —or “stealth”—properties of PGS make it ideal for applications involving sensitive cells and tissue.
  • Custom Formulations: Achieve different forms and morphologies of PGS by altering chemical composition and manufacturing conditions to suit demanding manufacturing requirements.
  • Targeted Delivery: PGS can be formulated or derivatized to carry targeted molecules, enabling delivery of therapeutic agents to a target cell or tissue site.