Materials Science Laboratory


Using advanced instrumentation, Secant Group conducts analytical characterization of polymers, biomaterials and fibers to select the most appropriate material for a client’s application. Our Materials Science Lab is equipped with the latest analytical technology that examines polymer interface, mechanism of degradation, and polymer performance characteristics in real time. These capabilities enable the assessment of a variety of polymer performance characteristics, including:

Secant Medical Materials Analysis
  • Physical structure

  • Chemical composition

  • Absorption rate

  • Surface hardness

  • Thermal morphological changes

Examples of material combinations that can be evaluated in our lab include coatings, partially absorbable materials, and
controlled-release materials.


Analytical Instrumentation

  • SEM

  • FTIR

  • DSC

  • TGA

  • UV/Vis

  • Rheometer

Secant Medical Lab Rheometer Analysis

Secant Group’s intelligent design approach starts with raw material analysis to ensure that we select the most appropriate material to achieve your product requirements. Download our fact sheet to learn how our research team uses the above mentioned analytical instruments.