Secant Group

Secant Group’s New Business Framework Brings Innovative Products to Market Through Advanced Materials and Process Technologies

Defining the future of advanced materials and engineered products is the ambitious vision set by the newly named US corporation, the Secant Group, LLC. As the newly formed parent company for Secant Medical Components and Secant Technical Materials, combined with sister company SanaVita Medical, LLC, the Secant Group works with innovative teams in industries ranging from medical devices and pharmaceuticals to space and energy to bring extraordinary solutions to market.
“Our mission is to use advanced materials and process technologies to solve complex technical challenges. And we now have the breadth of capabilities to do so under one roof,” noted Jeff Robertson, president of the Secant Group. “Whether helping astronauts endure the extreme environments of space or making it possible for medical technologies to improve the quality of life, we create next-generation materials and engineered structures that are transforming lives.”
Each of the three businesses provides an integral capability to the group as a whole. Secant Medical Components (formerly Secant Medical) has a 70-year history of providing advanced biomaterials and implantable textiles to the medical device industry, while Secant Technical Materials delivers custom-engineered material and textile solutions to the non-medical textile market. SanaVita Medical offers contract manufacturing and processing services to bring innovative medical device solutions to market.
“We are still the same Secant that so many know and trust,” noted Robertson. “But we now have much more to offer, including polymers, extrusions, textile formation, state-of-the-art materials analysis, and contract manufacturing and packaging services for finished medical devices. Our capabilities are greater but our goal remains the same—to make our clients’ life-changing vision a reality.”
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