The Secant Group has a rich heritage of innovation that spans more than 70 years. We began engineering textile structures back in the mid 1940s, and since then, have gone on to achieve a number of breakthrough milestones, including:

  • Pioneered early implantable fabric structures for vascular grafts
  • Supplied fabrics for NASA space suits
  • Developed first resorbable mesh
  • Created knitted material for hemostats
  • Produced reflector for outer planet spacecraft antenna used for communications
  • Designed a fabric to withstand thermal and shock stress for exterior use on the space shuttle
  • Engineered a textile filter media for kidney dialysis
  • Developed and manufactured key component for endovascular stent grafts
  • Designed and produced mesh components for general surgeries
  • Supplied fabrics to assist in cooling the international space station
  • Designed a braided component for endovascular clot retrieval
  • Developed 1st generation component for transcatheter heart valve
  • Engineered a braided component for neurovascular flow diversion
  • Launched low profile fabrics
  • Introduced Regenerez®, a bioresorbable elastomer

This same tradition of innovation continues today. In the medical arena, we’re bridging the technologies of traditional biomedical textiles with regenerative medicine to create high-performance materials that help medical technology to improve the quality of life. On the non-medical side, we’re actively driving the next generation of innovative custom engineered textiles and material solutions to impact industries ranging from energy to space.