Technical Materials

white thread and metal prod spinning
Secant Technical Materials, a division of Secant Group, represents the extension of our innovation and expertise in the non-medical textile market.  We design, develop and manufacture next-generation, high-performance industrial fabrics and material solutions that enable our customers to be market leaders in space, energy, filtration and various industrial markets.
By using the research capabilities and resources within the Secant Group, Secant Technical Materials develops high-value custom material and industrial textile offerings to help you solve your problems and realize your vision. Our capabilities include prototyping, manufacturing technologies encompassing textile formation: knitting, weaving, braiding, extrusions of custom-engineered fiber, temperature-resistant fabrics, metallization, laser cutting, heat setting, assembly and packaging, material characterization and analysis.

Secant Technical Materials has a long history of developing technical materials for space exploration dating back to our legacy company, Prodesco.  Today our antenna mesh is deployed on several commercial and US government satellite missions enabling the observation of the earth’s ecosystem; high-speed broadband connectivity on land, sea, and in the air; and a variety of classified information gathering satellite operations.
Our goal is to continuously be on the cutting edge of new technology to support our customer’s innovations.  To achieve this, our technical engineers partner with our customer’s development teams from concept through commercialization to help them achieve a competitive advantage.